Crazy Wind
Song In My Heart
Standing Right Here
Christmas Day
Around And Around
Find My Way Home
Almost Everything
My Broken Heart
Moon At The Horizon
Just Right


For many artists, creation from one’s life experience is a constant whisper beckoning them to share their stories through their chosen medium. In the case of Los Angeles recording artist, Nate Smith, the opportunity to peer through the window into his soul comes in the form of a new album that details the ups and downs of his recent years.

The album, Around and Around, examines the personal side of some of the biggest issues that impact today’s society: falling in love, becoming a parent, and the paradigm shift people experience in their daily lives when families are torn apart by divorce – and that always looming cloud of hope. The eleven-chapter lyrical and musical journey is an honest look at how our lives are shaped by events that are sometimes beyond our control.

With nearly twenty years of song writing experience under his belt, Nate Smith has evolved into a beacon of honesty and real life experiences especially when it comes to the process of composing lyrics. Harboring a belief that all artists are most often struggling poets, Nate strives to create songs that take people on an emotional and reflective journey that can only be described as both gripping and beautiful.


12.09.2015 Around & Around Reviews

Around & Around

“Man I love this new album AROUND AND AROUND!  This guy Nate Smith sings it and plays it like he truly means it.  Good stuff!”
– Duke Hollinger

“Thoughtful and authentic music on Nate Smith’s debut album Around and Around.  There’s a simplicity and vulnerability that are firmly supported by authentically crafted songs.”
– Heather Carmichael Jones




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