10.05.2018 Some Kind of Dancing – Reviews

“This song is so classic. I feel like it could fit into almost any era in the past 60 years, and it would give whoever is listening to it chills.” – B-Side Guys

“A rugged version of Springsteen and Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers) if they grew up on Tom Waits and early Wilco-ish Americana, there’s not much dancing to be done here, but the violins, banjos, glockenspiel, and harmonicas lend themselves to the introspective and occasionally political atmosphere that is endlessly rich and heartfelt.” – New Noise Magazine

“With “None Of These Things,” Nate Smith delivers visceral grunge of titanic proportions. His music is simple, raw, and oh, so effective.” – Popdust

“Pulling from ’70s rock without evoking crass nostalgia (just toss on Neil Young’s “On the Beach” or Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Cosmo’s Factory” for reference), he manages to channel a timeless frustration and indignation while still leaving room for a hesitant hope. ” – The Southern Sounding

“Smith is a talented songwriter, with this folk rock track having tinges of Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen to it. Watch out for Smith – he has what it takes to be big, especially in the current climate.” – York Calling

08.08.2018 PopDust Premiere

Nate Smith Turns Loose ‘None Of These Things’